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Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade outlines actions to empower women

Wednesday December 13th, 2017
(Buenos Aires) – For the first time in the history of the World Trade Organization, WTO members and observers have endorsed a collective initiative to increase the participation of women in trade. In order to help women reach their full potential in the world economy, 118 WTO members and observers agreed to support the Buenos Aires Declaration on Women and Trade, which seeks to remove barriers to, and foster, women’s economic empowerment. Actions outlined in the Declaration will ultimately boost economic growth worldwide and provide more and better paid jobs for women. These actions will also contribute to UN Global Development Goals, including the Sustainable Development Goal to achieve gender equality through the empowerment of women and girls (SDG 5) more

La Argentina se unió a la red de mujeres exportadoras de la OMC

Wednesday December 13th, 2017
(Buenos Aires) - El PBI puede crecer el 16% si se cierran las brechas de género. La plataforma conecta empresas y asiste con el comercio. La tarde fue femenina en el Foro Empresarial que se organizó en el marco de la Conferencia Ministerial de la Organización Mundial de Comercio (OMC). Allí se presentó el capítulo argentino de la organización "She Trades" que impulsa la participación de las mujeres en el comercio global. She Trades conecta a mujeres emprendedoras que buscan exportar y aspira a llegar a más de 3 millones de usuarias para el 2021. La red depende del Centro de Comercio Internacional que comparten Naciones Unidas y la OMC. "Las pymes que pertenecen a mujeres que exportan suelen ganar más, contratar más gente. Estas políticas las tenemos que ver como una ganancia de la sociedad. La inclusión favorece a todo el grupo", dijo la vicepresidenta Gabriela Michetti en el lanzamiento, donde también abogó por la inclusión de personas con discapacidad...leer más.

Applications now open for SheTrades Global

Wednesday November 1st, 2017
2018 edition of SheTrades Global to be held at the UK’s International Business Festival (Geneva) – The International Trade Centre has issued a call for applications for women entrepreneurs to the newly launched SheTrades Global*, which will be held in Liverpool, United Kingdom from 26 to 28 June 2018. The event, previously called the Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum, is now in its sixth more  

Women and Business in the News

SDGs and Her

Monday June 4th, 2018

In 2015, all 193 United Nations member countries signed on to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to "create the future we want in 2030."

SDGs&Her is an online competition for women entrepreneurs to showcase how they are supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their business operations. The objectives of the initiative are to:

  • recognize women implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including women business owners of microenterprises;
  • increase knowledge about the SDGs and their potential impacts on women among non-traditional audiences; and
  • collaborate with private sector partners on all SDGs, but SDG5 in particular; to share best practices and innovative ideas.

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Friday February 16th, 2018
Government of Karnataka and CWE are setting up an incubator and co-working space for women entrepreneurs with tech enabled enterprises.
Women entrepreneurs face issues which men do not. The special needs of women entrepreneurs for mentoring, capacity building and access to resources are common the world over, as shown up by studies and services provided in women’s business incubators particularly in the US.

The incubator will provide seats and facilities (for a very nominal fee) for 12 months at the NASSCOM 10K Startup Warehouse in Bangalore.

The CWE ecosystem will provide mentoring and access to Finance, Markets, Enabling   Technology, Information and Trade Networks to the selected entrepreneurs, and set   them up for success in their business.

*Eligibility is for ventures in which a woman or a group of women have majority shareholding and hold hands-on leadership positions in the venture.

To apply, fill out this form
Please mail and inform us after completing the simple form, so that we can kick-start the process at our end.
Deadline for Applications: 28 Feb 2018

Lanzan el programa “Mujeres Exportadoras”

Monday December 18th, 2017
La Agencia Argentina de Inversiones y Comercio Internacional (Aaici) lanzó el proyecto “Mujeres Exportadoras”, orientado a impulsar una mayor participación femenina en el comercio exterior. La Aaici, junto con el Centro de Comercio Internacional (ITC) y con el apoyo del Ministerio de Producción, presentaron la última semana el capítulo de “SheTrades” en Argentina, un proyecto cuyo fin es impulsar un ambiente transformativo para mujeres emprendedoras. Durante el evento realizado en el salón Del Prado del Hotel Emperador, también se presentó “Mujeres Exportadoras”, un programa de la Agencia para aumentar la participación femenina en el comercio internacional...leer más.